On Thu, May 19, 2011 at 5:18 PM, Frank Ash <nut...@gmail.com> wrote:

> To disguise this as a security issue is laughable at best and a bit insulting.

As USAmericans learned after 9/11/2001, you can push through just
about any policy you want if you wrap it up as security.

It's just astounding to watch Twitter, Inc. ignore the realities of
the developers' world when it takes weeks to get an app through
Apple's App Store process yet Twitter feels like they can just
announce this change and a 30 day deadline.

One might almost wonder if this wasn't yet another attempt to
discourage 3rd party developers from "competing" with Twitter's own
apps.  And when you're done wondering about that, think about this:
what rule will Twitter change next?

"Twitter's fall from grace as the best API platform to the most
developer hostile is an exciting trainwreck to watch."

— http://twitter.com/justinw/status/70922532915642368

Then there was John Gruber's

> Translation From Weasel-Speak to English of the Key Question in Twitter’s FAQ 
> for Developers Regarding Their New Policy for Third-Party Client Apps

>> Q: Will Twitter’s own applications also go through the OAuth web flow?

>> A: We’re taking this step to give more clarity and control to users about 
>> the access a third-party application has to their account. The way users 
>> interact with Twitter’s clients is not expected to change.

> Translation: No.

Or as I said yesterday: https://twitter.com/#!/TJLuoma/status/70954138103586816

> Shorter Message from @Twitter to 3rd Party Devs: "This is Phase One of 
> getting rid of xAuth and Phase Two of getting rid of 3rd party devs."

First they came for basic auth…


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