I'll give an example for people using multiple accounts. From a customer point 
of view. I have 12 Twitter accounts, and I use 3 separate clients for different 
things. When this comes out I will have to re-authorize 36 times over these 3 
apps alone. And they won't work until I do. If I was a normal user and didnt 
hear about the change, what am I going to think about this? I can already tell 
you I don't want to do it, and its gonna take a lot of time just to get these 
apps working again. That is for a power user though. Now someone like my mom 
who uses tweetdeck just to follow celebrities, she will have no clue what 
happened or why its not working and will be weary when tweetdeck asks her to 
confirm a new permissions scheme and wonder why they want her info again. Just 
step back and look at it for what it is and how people will react. We all know 
what's going to happen. 

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