Jack wrote:
> Hi Francois, Wilfried and others,
> I noticed that the Console server demo uses TWSocket.
> With NOFORMS defined, the application size is about 111KB.

Compiled with D7 it's 159 KB here.

> After I replaced TWSocket with TWSocketServer, the file size
> becomes over 300KB. I went through the uses clauses. It's
> the minimum already. I can not make it as small as it was.

Did you define NOFORMS in the **project options**?, this is
When I compile a new console project with nothing else than a
TWSocketServer.Create() EXE-size is 156 KB, D7. 

> So, I have a few questions here:
> 1. Why is TWSocket used for the server socket, instead of
>    TWSocketServer? Is it file size related? If so, why
>    TWSocketServer makes the file a lot bigger?
> 2. I tested the console server demo, it handles multiple
>    connections. If so, what's the difference of using it
>    and TWSocketServer for server sockets? In other words,
>    when should I use TWSocket and when to use TWSocketServer?

>From what I can see the consvr demo acts very similar like
TWSocketServer except that is isn't wrapped in a component.
I think TWSocketServer (Aug 29, 1999) was not yet written when consvr demo was 
(Feb 17, 1999).


Arno Garrels

> --
> Thanks,
> Jack

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