> Would TWserversocket, when implemented correctly, be able to run an
> online game with +/- 1000 connection/players, using tcp/ip?

There is nothing in the component that limit the number of concurrent 
client. It is mainly the OS and server hardware that limit the number of 
concurrent client. You need to have a Windows _server_ version to support 
1000 simultaneous connections.

> The Mmorpg is semi-realtime where each connection send an average of
> 6 short packets (< 50bytes/packet) per second.

50 data bytes wil result in 104 bytes packets on Ethernet network.
6 packets * 100 bytes * 1000 clients = 600 KBytes/Second thruput.
That is approximatively 5 mega-bit per second without counting all packets 
that do not contain any data (ACK packet mostly) and without counting the 
reply for each packet.

> My server is a 2.8 Ghz 1mb ram and needs to runs a mysql database
> on the localhost as well, to store/autosave player data.

I'll assume you mean 1GB of RAM. It think it is a little bit short for 1000 
simultaneous clients which are really working. It is likely that MySQL would 
also have a problem with 1000 concurrent clients, even if all are 
multiplexed thru a single connection.

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