Hi Arno and others! 

Some of the heavy work load I experienced a while ago has decreased a bit so
I thought that I should take the opportunity to thank You ALL that tried to
help me.

At the end the solution for me was to use another smtp component. Sorry
about that. (As a request by Francois Piette I'm not going to mention it by
name in this news group.) 
Even if it is like You say Arno, that the problem is not originating from
ICS it is still toghether with the SmtpCli component the problem appears.
This makes it impossible to use the SmtpCli component knowing that users
might not be able to use our application under certain _normal_
circumstances (like in our test case with a new Dell laptop). We can not
tell our users that they have to uninstall other softwares just to be able
to send emails from our application.
Even if it is not a bug in ICS code or design the fact remains: Other smtp
components out there works just fine under the same circumstances. So that
was why I was forced to take that path.

But once again: Thank You all for the help! You are doing a wonderful job!
Best Regards

Arno Garrels wrote:
> The problem is *not a bug in ICS*. Instead another process
> injects and executes its own, buggy code in the process space
> of the ICS-application. Detoured.dll is used for hooking API
> calls. The hooking application is the culprit! 
> That must not be a virus or trojan but may be any other 
> application/service or security suite as well.
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