Hello Dan!

Yes, Wilfried Mestdagh helped me with that. He actually read my mail and
understood why my own strange workaround worked. (Thank You Wilfried!)
Both Wilfried and I are professional developers though, and we do not feel
very comfortable using workarounds in opposite to find the actual error.
After days of investigation, (and tries to make everyone understand that it
was ICS way of coexist with other good applications that was the problem), I
had to look at it with financial eyes and had to let go and choose another

Thank You for all the help!
Best Regards

You can read in earlier mails why I do not want the dll to be loaded at all
Since I regrettable no longer use ICS I'm unsubscribing to this email list
for the time being.

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I thought it was figured out that dynamically unloading and reloading the
dll was the problem, which other components probably don't do, and I think
you were given a workaround that worked...to load it manually so that the
loaded count always stays above 0 and it remains loaded.


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> Hi Arno and others!
> Some of the heavy work load I experienced a while ago has decreased a bit
> so
> I thought that I should take the opportunity to thank You ALL that tried
> to
> help me.
> At the end the solution for me was to use another smtp component. Sorry
> about that. (As a request by Francois Piette I'm not going to mention it
> by
> name in this news group.)
> Even if it is like You say Arno, that the problem is not originating from
> ICS it is still toghether with the SmtpCli component the problem appears.
> This makes it impossible to use the SmtpCli component knowing that users
> might not be able to use our application under certain _normal_
> circumstances (like in our test case with a new Dell laptop). We can not
> tell our users that they have to uninstall other softwares just to be able
> to send emails from our application.
> Even if it is not a bug in ICS code or design the fact remains: Other smtp
> components out there works just fine under the same circumstances. So that
> was why I was forced to take that path.
> But once again: Thank You all for the help! You are doing a wonderful job!
> Best Regards
> Henrik
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