Hi Arno!

As I've said before Arno, You're a funny guy, though I'm sure
unintentionally. Doesn't seem so long ago You kept going on with viruses and
trojans and didn't even seem to read the note I made about that we were able
to duplicate ICS's problems with the environment on a _brand new_
computer... :-)

Never the less I'm glad You've come to Your senses but I had to draw the
line somewhere. Perhaps I can look in to this in the future but as it is now
I've invested far too many days trying to find the solution to the problem. 

// Henrik
By the way Arno, it's not that constructive to blame "everyone else" before
sitting down and actually think the problem through. I've mentioned this to
You before. I think You could learn a great deal from Wilfried Mestdagh
there. In my experience he is very constructive in his way of encircle the
In this example: As You know there are many solutions out there in the same
fields as ICS that do not have any problems with certain environments that
evidently causes problem for ICS. Even though sincere I don't think it
promotes ICS that You suggest that ICS-using developers every time there
comes up a new environment causing problem for ICS, and after they on the
customer side have had to trace down what new application or what ever that
that causes problems for ICS this time, is forced to turn to the computer
manufacturer or external application developer and ask them to remake their
part before ICS is going to work... Especially when other "competitors" has
products that works in the same environment.

Well this was just a personal opinion. Thanks once again for the help.
Since I regrettable no longer use ICS I'm unsubscribing to this email list
for the time being.

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Arno Garrels
Skickat: den 25 januari 2007 18:09
Till: ICS support mailing
Ämne: Re: [twsocket] Freeze when using smtp after recreating itsparentform

Strange logic Henrik,

Even Microsoft's Works doesn't/didn't work with this buggy, API
hooking Embassy Trust Suite pre-installed on newer DELL systems.
Possibly they already fixed it in some service pack? If not,
someone/we should report the bug to either DELL or Wave Systems.
I was hoping that you helped identifying the Embassy Trust Suite 
clearly as the culprid. 

Arno Garrels [TeamICS]


Henrik wrote:
> Hi Arno and others!
> Some of the heavy work load I experienced a while ago has decreased a
> bit so I thought that I should take the opportunity to thank You ALL
> that tried to help me.
> At the end the solution for me was to use another smtp component.
> Sorry about that. (As a request by Francois Piette I'm not going to
> mention it by name in this news group.)
> Even if it is like You say Arno, that the problem is not originating
> from ICS it is still toghether with the SmtpCli component the problem
> appears. This makes it impossible to use the SmtpCli component
> knowing that users might not be able to use our application under
> certain _normal_ circumstances (like in our test case with a new Dell
> laptop). We can not tell our users that they have to uninstall other
> softwares just to be able to send emails from our application.
> Even if it is not a bug in ICS code or design the fact remains: Other
> smtp components out there works just fine under the same
> circumstances. So that was why I was forced to take that path.
> But once again: Thank You all for the help! You are doing a wonderful
> job! Best Regards
> Henrik

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