>>> How would you add to the current httpcli (v6) component a cookie-manager
>>> in a non code breaking manner as the current cookie is defined as a 
>>> string?

>> Write a TCookieManager component.
>> Create a new property CookieManager in the HTTP component.
>> At design time, link the cookie manager component to the http component.

>> In the http component, when a cookie is received and the cookie manage is
>> assigned, the HTP component call the appropriate methods in the cookie
>> manager. The same when a request is sent: if cookie manager is assigned,
>> the http component request the cookie manager to get the cookie list to
>> add to the request.

> Nice, agreed. I will add this to my list. As soon as a first version is
> available I will post it here.

> For all readers, if you can think of any cookiemanager functions etc, just
> list them and I'll see what I can do.

procedure AddCookie(const Cookie : String);
function ScanCookies(const URL : String) : String; // Return a list of 
header lines (CR/LF delimited) with all stored cookie valid for the given 
procedure Clear;  // Delete all
procedure SaveToStream(Stream : TSream);
procedure LoadFromStream(Stream : TStream);
procedure Purge; // Purge all expired cookies

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