Francois PIETTE wrote:
>>   If you think -- like me -- that it is the
>> responsibility of the application developer to
>> properly encode URLs, and not the component, then the
>> solution for those applications that require the
>> IE-like behaviour is for the developer to call
>> UrlEncode himself at the application level,
> I agree.

How shall the application developer currently do that?   

>> and to not use FollowRedirect, but to handle redirections
>> himself and properly encode URLs.
> There I don't agree. If the component do automatic relocation, then
> it must take appropriate action to encode URL.

Here I do not agree, basically the server has to provide a valid
relocation URL, anything else is a client-side workaround.
Those invalid relocation-URLs occur so rarely that automatic
reencoding or even a full validation in most cases was nothing but
wasted performance. And if we would build in a simple and fast 
auto-encoding today I bet that another user will get another kind 
of invalid URL tomorrow.
Instead the component should provide access to parts of a URL,
either by var-parameters in event OnLocationChange or by public
properties so the application developer can do what's required himself.
A class TIcsUrl could help to make current source code better readable.
A faster and more copmlete function UrlEncode should be made available.

Arno Garrels [TeamICS]
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