Fastream Technologies wrote:
> I am starting to think that this is a CG bug. Reason: because when I
> maximize and minimize the debug form for the server, the memory usage
> falls from -no matter what MB- to 17MB! 

Looks very normal. When a GUI app. is minimized the working set
shrinks. You can achieve the same with this little function:

procedure TrimWorkingSet;
   hCurrentProc : THandle;
   hCurrentProc := GetCurrentProcess();

Arno Garrels

> Anybody know a workaround for
> this leak? How should I search it? I am using BCB2007Pro.
> Regards,
> SZ
> On Wed, Jun 25, 2008 at 4:46 PM, S.Korotky <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>> SZ wrote:
>>> yes we hit the 2GB limit BUT WHY as we have 300MB
>>> memory usage for the rest of the program and the cache uses only
>>> 1GB. IOW, where does the 700MB go?
>> I'm afraid you should better know what memory overheads are produced
>> in your application than I or someone else. The actual memory
>> consumption is shown 
>> in the task manager, so if it says 2Gb this is 2Gb.
>>> I think it is lost due to memory fragmentation
>>> (lack of FastMM doing what it's supposed to do). Has anybody seen
>>> such problem before?
>> The memory fragmentation is under your control to a certaing degree,
>> depending from memory allocation/reallocation/release policy (not
>> only in the cache but throughout the application).
>> Anyway this seems a little bit offtopic for ICS.
>> Best wishes,
>> Stanislav Korotky.
>>> At a given time the proxy handles 1700 clients with 250Mbps and 40%
>>> cache hit rate with 10% CPU usage and 12 threads. So it's rather
>>> busy for memory than for CPU!
>>> Best Regards,
>>> SZ
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