Francois Piette wrote:
>>> In D2009 the type "string" is mapped to UnicodeString. If you want ansi
>>> string, just use type AnsiString.
>> yes, but HttpCli.Url is a string, which would be a unicodestring in D2009.
> This doesn't cause any problem. You can pass an AnsiString where an
> UnicodeString is requested. The compiler will do the transformation
> automatically for you.
> Usually, a program can be recompiled with Delphi 2009 with no change and it
> works ! Changes are needed if your code assume chars are byte values (sizeof
> / length) or use strings for something which is not really a string.
I think he is concerned about the fact that the property being 
UnicodeString it would be transferred to the HTTP server as a UTF-16 
string, which obviously is not supported by the server.
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