> yes, but HttpCli.Url is a string, which would be a unicodestring in 
> D2009.
> The only option is to change all "String" to "AnsiString" and 
> "PChar" to "PAnsiChar" in ICS V6.
> Probably others too (fi Stringlist, TStrings and ...)

ICS V6 is not supported under Delphi 2009. Arno and Francois spent many
weeks developing and testing V7 to work under Delphi 2009, and I'm sure
you don't want to repeat all that work, most units changed in minor ways,
some needed major changes.  All ICS components work now, but there is
still a lot of testing to be done. 

I've also spent a few weeks updating many of my own components (RAS, WMI,
Internet Helper, etc) to Delphi 2009, as well as updating my ICS related
components, and it is all slow and tedious with errors occurring where
the compiler does not warn you, specifically any use of pointers for
string handling.   

I'm unlikely to convert any of my own applications to Delphi 2009 in the
near future, mainly due to all the third party libraries I use, few of
which are available for Delphi 2009, and those that are may not be
properly tested (like the Turbopower components). 

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