> IMO, this will even be worse. When you'll use the next update, you'll be 
> introuble whatever change you've done in the source.

No troubles, I add my signature in comments to track what I've changed in 
source, and use WinDiff to inject your improvements.

> The correct way doing such behaviour change is to derive your own class 
> fromTWSocket and override AssignDefaultValue procedure. This is a nice 
> exampleabout what OOP is for.

It could be nice when using only non-visual TWSocket. Otherwise we receive 
additional troubles: derive our own component; install it into IDE. And what if 
we have to use other class, for example, ftp client? What we should do in this 
case? Derive our new ftp client class, redeclare Controlsocket and Datasocket 
properties? No, thanks... I'd better put several // in the code and will be 
happy ))

Regards, Anton
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