> You do not need to "redeclare" the properties; all
> you need to do is override the AssignDefaultValue()
> method, like Francois said.
In FTP client, there are two fields of type TWSocket. Whose AssignDefaultValue 
should I override to stop them from clearing properties?

> This method is virtual for precisely this reason.
Actually I still can't understand for which reason this method was made

> But, in general: yes, that's exactly what you should do.
Sorry, but i dont' wish to do all that things just for disabling a single 
strange method.

> Also, keep in mind that you do not necessarily have
> to install your custom components into the IDE; you
> can very well instantiate any component by calling
> it's constructor directly.  Of course, you will not
> be able to "drop" the component on a form, but
> sometimes this is not a big deal.
They are components, right? Components are intended to be inited in design-time.
As for me, I create ICS objects in run-time, but in general inheritance of 
visual components is very, very unuseful.

> As you wish.  But, in my opinion, this is a slippery
> slope which ends up in trouble eventually.  One of
> the worse potential problems with this tactic, which
> 've seen before, is that it leads to developers
> delaying or avoiding future ICS (or any thrid-party
> library) improvements, revisions, and sometimes
> important bug-fixes because of the overwhelming
> thought of having to track down all possible
> modifications and figure out how to merge them back
> into the code-base; which ones have been obsoleted by
> the update; and which new ones will be needed.
Thank you, I'll consider it!

Regards, Anton
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