> We use heavily derived ICS. But
> sometimes this is not possible. For example for MT technique, we
> needed to change the code as Anton initially did since we had to
> modify the listening server code in WSocketS and there is no way to
> make the THttpServer use that modified class inside by inheritence.

To be able to do that kind of things, a simple modification can be made in 
the component.
THttpServer use a fixed class (TWSocketServer) for his server socket. So you 
can change the behaviour of that class. But to be able to do it, it is 
enough to do it the same way as it is done with the class used for client 
connection (ClientClass property). A simple change could be done to add a 
property ServerClass so that the HTTP server component instanciate that 
class when set to listening. That way you can derive your own class from 
TWSocketServer, change the behavior you need and plug it into the HTTP 
server component. Fairly easy to do.

btw: If you want to further discuss that topic, please create a new message 
thread with a proper subject.
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