> Francois... 
> Note that I understand that each one has difference preferences for his
development environment. I only explain how I work.

Thanks for the info on your package approach, Francois.  Interesting
approach that I hadn't thought of.  Two questions...

1. Would you use this approach across different machines?  Meaning, are the
packages sufficiently portable across hosts?  So, the "bpl" or whatever form
you are using, could just be moved that way?  Sorry, but I don't have time
to keep up with the package format changes anymore.  That got old forever
ago.  :)

2. How do you handle packages that get frequently updated?  For example, I
have a specific component provider that FREQUENTLY updates their stuff with
bug fixes and feature enhancements.  I have others that do the same, but
less frequently.  Do you rebuild all your packages every time one dependant
package gets updated?  Or, does D2007 handle the specific inter-dependencies

No hurry on an answer to this.  I just thought your approach was interesting
and might be a real benefit for me, but I would need to solve those two
issues for it to be applicable to my environment(s).



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