Hi Arno Garrels,
>> this is a bugreport that on localhost the windows kernel reads
>> megabytes of data
>> before a TWSocket client can block. 
> This is not specific to TWSocket and it's not a bug but a winsock
> feature!
> Beside the fact that you should send smaller data chunks and use 
> OnDataSent event to send next chunk the provided sample shows
> that winsock is buffering much more incomming data than current 
> size of the socket receive buffer. BTW: The same happens with LAN 
> connections as well. I tried it in the LAN to be able to trace data
> actually sent over the wire with WireShark. In my test approximately
> 80 KB are actually sent and buffered by the receiving peer with a 
> LAN connection and ~40 KB with a localhost connection. 
Thank you so very much for confirming!

I have the problem that if I have a FTP Transfer over my TWSocket Proxy,
then the FTP Client flushes all the data (up tu 16 MBytes!) and then waits
only less than a minute to get a positive Feedback about this transfer from
the FTP Server. But the data is only in Winsocks! Do you have an idear
how to resolv this problem?

Much regards!
Markus Mueller

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