Francois PIETTE schrieb:
>> And there I am true that V6 ICS directly runs "send" on Winsock to
>> immediatlely send the data. And that was the point:
>> It not buffers internaly but forces to send
>> it immediately to winsock or it blocks.
> I don't agree, unless a bug has been introduced recently.
> Send only TRIES to send data. Send pass to winsock as many bytes as winsock 
> is will to accept but never block nor try to send everything in the buffer. 
> Of course in normal operation, when you send small chunk of data slower than 
> the link speed or smaller than what winsock own buffer can accept, then 
> TWSocket send data immediately and there is nothing queued.
> As soon as you send enough data (combination of speed and volume) to 
> overflow winsock buffer, then TWSocket starts buffering.
I think we say both the same: TWSocket.send buffers but cause of
.Flush befor any further TWSocket.send it can't further buffer without
having sent.

I just don't want to say TWSocket can't buffer, only in the way I used
it it is not possible cause of using TWSocket.Flush!

Peace! :-)
Francois PIETTE schrieb:
>> Any idear why on my Computers it shows
>> but on your computer it blocks much earlier?
> Maybe be you some kind of proxy, firewall, anti-virus, anti-spam, malware, 
> LSP, VPN and other kind of similar piece of software intercepting TCP trafic 
> and buffering data somewhere.
I thin this can't be cause on any Windows XP with Patchlevel 3 I tested 
it does
this buffering! Did you try on your Operating System? What Version do 
you have
and does it block there?

Markus Mueller

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