Hi Francois Piette,
>> - By the way: If you have no Line Mode then ICS don't do
>> buffering at all. It just uses "send" of Winsock!
> This sentence is wrong. TWSocket use a FIFO buffer when you call Send. 
> Whatever data size you send, TWSocket will use a list of buffers (Each 
> having a BufSize length wich by default is the largest data packet accepted 
> on Ethernet so that fragmentation is the least possible).
> Each time you cann Send, TWSocket tries to deliver data from his FIFO to 
> winsock. Each time winsock notifies that he has room into his own buffer, 
> then TWSocket extract data from his FIFO and give it to winsock. Eventually, 
> TWSocket empty his buffer and then triggers OnDataSent event.
> Winsock has his own buffers, usually 8KB for send and another 8KB for read.
I didn't say anything about splitting and so on, but you're right in an 
thing: I missed to tell that my sentence is only valid if you do 
And there I am true that V6 ICS directly runs "send" on Winsock to 
send the data. And that was the point: It not buffers internaly but 
forces to send
it immediately to winsock or it blocks.

Markus Mueller

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