I have not read all the discussions, but at least this:

>- By the way: If you have no Line Mode then ICS don't do
> buffering at all. It just uses "send" of Winsock!

This sentence is wrong. TWSocket use a FIFO buffer when you call Send. 
Whatever data size you send, TWSocket will use a list of buffers (Each 
having a BufSize length wich by default is the largest data packet accepted 
on Ethernet so that fragmentation is the least possible).

Each time you cann Send, TWSocket tries to deliver data from his FIFO to 
winsock. Each time winsock notifies that he has room into his own buffer, 
then TWSocket extract data from his FIFO and give it to winsock. Eventually, 
TWSocket empty his buffer and then triggers OnDataSent event.

Winsock has his own buffers, usually 8KB for send and another 8KB for read.

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