Dod wrote:
> Hello Arno,
> First  of  all  I have to say I am actually learning about SSL so I am
> not  yet  fluent  with  it,  excuse my answers and "stupid" beginner's
> questions .
>> Does your PEM file actually include a private key?
>> Or is the private key stored in a separate PEM file?
> Not sure about public or private key as my OpenSSL tests has been done
> using  PKCS11 but because the SmartCard has two certificates, I had to
> extract  them  manually,  convert  into  cert/pem  and  pass  them  as
> OpenSSL's parameter.

PEM files are simple text files with either LF or CRLF line breaks.
They may contain both the certificate and the private key.
The certificate always includes the public key.
When you open a PEM file with a text editor the start and end lines may
look like: 
[Base64 encoded data..]
[Base64 encoded data..]

>> Which demo are you talking about?
> icsSimpleSSL
>> Which PEM files are specified in Demo's "Cert File" and "Key File"
>> Edits?
> The demo has CAfile, CertFile and PrivateKey properties, I tried to
> set them as I did it with OpenSSL command line.
> Do this "no start line" error mean many things ?

I do not know. This is an OpenSSL error. Have you opened the 
files in a text editor yet? Are there actually no start lines?
Anyway strange, if the PEM files work with OpenSSL.exe they must work
with TSslContext as well, provided OpenSSL.exe and the OpenSsl 
libraries are from the same build.
Arno Garrels

> regards.
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