Dod wrote:
> Hello Arno,
> I  have  correct  BEGIN/END  CERTIFICATE  but  none  of PEM have a RSA
> PRIVATE KEY section.

The private key must not neccessarily be an RSA key, do you see any other
PRIVATE KEY section? 

> With  OpenSSL  I  use  PKCS11  but  has I had to manually extract auth
> certificate  I  supposed  PKCS11  access  would  not  be really needed
> anymore,  but  may  be  it  is still needed because the private key is
> still in smartcard and I only extracted public key ?

That's possible. AFAIK, OpenSSL supports PKCS11 only thru a dynamic
Engine, to list current active engines you could type
"openssl engine -v -t" on the command prompt.


> regards.
>> When you open a PEM file with a text editor the start and end lines
>> may look like:
>> [Base64 encoded data..]
>> -----END RSA PRIVATE KEY-----
>> [Base64 encoded data..]
>> -----END CERTIFICATE-----
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