Hello Arno,

I am using Delphi 7 / ICS 6

The  SmartCard  I  am  working  on  is  the French Doctor's HealthCare
professionnal card.

I  had  to  manually extract the Authentication certificate using some
.cert  export  tool because for unknown reason OpenSSL can't access it
directly,  so  once extracted I pass it as PEM file parameter. Private
key is not accessible.

Here are the OpenSSL commands :

engine  -t  dynamic -pre SO_PATH:c:/windows/system32/engine_pkcs11.dll
-pre      ID:pkcs11     -pre     LIST_ADD:1     -pre     LOAD     -pre

s_client   -connect   myssl.pop3.server:995   -engine   pkcs11  -state
-showcerts  -keyform  engine  -key 0:04000000 -CAfile "test.cer" -cert
"myauth.pem" -certform PEM -ssl3

Using this with sTunnel is nearly the same, just had to adapt to
stunnel.conf structure. There is also a PIN code.

AG> Certificates are issued for a one or multiple purposes, that's true.
AG> And each purpose added, makes CAs happy since you have to pay for it.

For sure !


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