Hello Pete,

200  mails  per  hour  is really not much, a single thread can do much

But  you  may be slowed by the other side smtp server if it is slow or
timeout.  So  doing  multi-thread  is  a  good  way to maintain a good
average speed.

You  can  create  20  threads with a common queue that each thread can
take mails from, so if a thread is slowed because of slow or timed-out
smtp  server,  then  the other threads continue to empty the queue and
send e-mails to other smtp servers.

In  case  you  send  multiple  mails so same MX domain, then make some
function  that  will  re-arrange  the  queue to move slow or timed-out
domains to the end of the queue so you'll retry them later.

Also  if  a MX refuse you because of some blacklist then remove thoses
mails  from the queue and send you a mail alert so you can investigate
why destination refused your mail.


PW> Hi 

PW> I've used ICS components for a while now and had great results. 

PW> I have something new to do and wanted some advice before starting a new 

PW> Previously my app used a single TSmtpCli and this all worked fine. Now 
however I have to send mail on behalf of lots of accounts and the number of 
TsmtpCli components in use simultaneously, used
PW> in a multi threaded application, could be in excess of 100.

PW> Assuming that the machine has enough memory and processor power, am I 
likely to run into any problems?

PW> I don't evisage the email volumes being massive - say 20 per hour per 
account, meaning something like 200 per hour outgoing per application.

PW> My reason for asking is simple - I'm doing something unusual. If it is 
likely to be a problem I can try concentrating all emails through a single 
Tsmtpcli but because of the code base I am
PW> working with this will be much harder to do.

PW> Any comments welcome. Thanks in advance!

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