On Aug 16, 2009, at 14:43, Pete Williams wrote:

Previously my app used a single TSmtpCli and this all worked fine. Now however I have to send mail on behalf of lots of accounts and the number of TsmtpCli components in use simultaneously, used in a multi threaded application, could be in excess of 100.

I created a mail queue system using a customized TSmtpCli component (among other things) and, as far as I recall, I was sending 10,000 messages in a couple of minutes--all within a single thread. ICS Components are very good for this sort of thing, and you do not need multiple threads to use it.

Since the components are asynchroneous, slow server connections or responses should not affect your performance when using multiple components simultaneously. The thing that may cause a delay is DNS look-up, which is an expensive operation, and typically blocks.

Your description of the project does not seem unusual at all, and in fact, as others have said, 200 messages per hour seems rather low. You shouldn't have a problem using ICS for it.


        DZ-Jay [TeamICS]

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