Hello Angus,

I  usually  do  it  according to fail code 5.x.x or 4.x.x for 4.x.x I
retry  later,  for 5.x.x I pout them appart to check manually why they
have been rejected.


>> Also  if  a MX refuse you because of some blacklist then remove 
>> thoses mails  from the queue and send you a mail alert so you can 
>> investigate why destination refused your mail.

ARMSL> It's important not to fail an email on a first refusal, due to the wide
ARMSL> usage of 'greylisting' where the SMTP server rejects the first email
ARMSL> attempt and then allows a second attempt, typically 10 to 15 minutes
ARMSL> later.  Sometimes the response mentions greylisting, but some SMTP
ARMSL> servers don't even do that.  

ARMSL> MAIL FROM: <nursery...@englishmotorsports.com>
ARMSL> 250 OK <nursery...@englishmotorsports.com> Sender ok 
ARMSL> RCPT TO: <i...@magsys.co.uk>
ARMSL> 451 Greylisted, please try again in 600 seconds 

ARMSL> Once an email has been sent successfully, the server adds the sender to
ARMSL> an internal list so future email is not delayed.  

ARMSL> Greylisting is very successful in stopping spam, at least for the moment,
ARMSL> it stops 500 to 1,000 spams a day here.  

ARMSL> However have a couple of Delphi applications that currently sent email
ARMSL> without using a queue or a 15 minute delay, which really need updating to
ARMSL> cope with greylisting.

ARMSL> Angus

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