Pete Williams wrote:
> Hi
> I've used ICS components for a while now and had great results.
> I have something new to do and wanted some advice before starting a
> new project. 
> Previously my app used a single TSmtpCli and this all worked fine.
> Now however I have to send mail on behalf of lots of accounts and the
> number of TsmtpCli components in use simultaneously, used in a multi
> threaded application, could be in excess of 100. 

100 connections and more in one single thread is no problem. Anyway don't
use one thread per connection, that was wasted resource! Since ICS works 
asynchronous there _basically is no need for multiple threads. However if 
you want your application scale well with multiple processors and keep
your GUI responsive create as many additional threads as CPUs/cores are
available and divide work/number of connections accordingly.  

Arno Garrels
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