> The application I'm working on is 9 years old, has many thousands 
> of man hours spent on it, and whilst it would be nice to have a 
> single TSmtpCli, in order to avoid a massive code rewrite it's much 
> easier for me to have lots of TSnmpCli components, rather than one 
> (you can't see it, but I can of course). 

The issue we were discussing was not the use of a single TSmtpCli which
is clearly unsuitable for all but the most simple mail servers, but
whether you should be using threads with multiple TSmtpCli components (or
most other ICS components for that matter).  

I have an application that captures data on 400 TWSockets simultaneously,
in a single thread.  

As was said, two or more threads are beneficial where there are multiple
processors available to the application and you can hog the entire server,
or where you really are handling thousands of simultaneous connections.  


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