> Is it possible that the default 0 timeout on TWSocket will be 
> replace by another program like Anti Virus or Firewall ?
> I see that by default TimeoutIdle is set to zero, does it can change
> something if a force this to the maximum unsigned int value ?

The TimeoutIdle property is part of an undocumented, experimental
TCustomTimeoutWSocket component.  Without examining the code, I've no idea what 
property is designed to do, never used it.  But no other application could 
this property. 
Generally, Windows TCP/IP registry setting define to connection timeout, there 
is no
inherent idle timeout in TCP/IP.  However other applications can change the 
timer parameters, generally not a good idea.  And other applications might close
what they consider to be an idle connection.  
> Another way : I there a maximum number of reconnection allowed 
> during a connection ?

A normal TCP/IP socket never tries to reconnect, your applications controls all 


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