Please pardon me for butting in.  I can share what I found broke ICS for me and 
you can check if you have anything similar.

I used a separate piece of low level code (not ICS) in my about form that 
displayed the host name and IP address of the user's PC, it used 
winsock.gethostname, WSAStartup($101,...) and WSACleanup.  (I don't remember 
which one was the culprit.)
This I found broke any open socket connections that I had and only way to see 
if they were broken was something like cmd's netstat -a. It was rather a 
bother, as not many people check the about box, so was quite random, showed no 
errors and was pretty annoying.
I fixed it a long time ago by using internal ICS functions instead.

Hope it helps.

Stephen Dickason
Senior Developer - Managed Services

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> Alexandre
> Sent: Tuesday, October 4, 2016 17:19
> To: 'ICS support mailing'
> Subject: Re: [twsocket] TWSocket Client Timeout.
> Hi Angus,
> Sorry to bother you, please find more details :
> In fact, an user use our application to retrieve data from a device by a TCP
> connection throught TWSocket.
> The problem is that after a certain time (between 5 and 8 hours) the data stop
> being received but TWSocket still indicate that it is connected.
> The user has reproduce the problem multiple times.
> This problem only appears since one year : when we have updated C++ Builder
> and ICS :
> From Borland Builder 6 to Embarcadero XE3 From ICS 5.25 to ICS r1196.
> I do not have more details since i can not reproduce this problem myself.
> But we are going to reproduce it this weekend.
> Finaly, i just see that you have fix some problems with timeout and
> WSAESHUTDOWN in the version r1280 and r1279, so since it is related to time
> maybe it fix my problem of 5/8 Hours...
> I cannot reproduce the original problem, unfortunately i cannot try it for the
> moment !
> Thanks again !!!
> Alexandre.
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