> Memo isn't touched during the progress, only the progressbar. 
> Removed OnSenData event, same results.

You appear to be on a Spanish RIMA (Red IP Multi Acceso) network,
although trace route does not complete.  

Trace Route to:
Can Not Ping Host ( : Request timed out
 1 0ms  Unexpected Family  MAGPUB1
 2 0ms
 3 12ms      gi0.man-gw2.merula.net
 4 23ms    te-8-3-215.car2.manchester1.level3.net
 5 19ms    telefonica.edge6.london1.level3.net
 6 50ms     xe-grtbcntb1.net.telefonicaglobalsolutions.com
 7 54ms  x0-grtbcntb1.net.telefonicaglobalsolutions.com
 8 60ms    210.red-80-58-88.staticip.rima-tde.net
 9 Request timed out

Your best speed was 1,928,838 chars/sec which suggests you have at
least a 20Mb/sec upload speed which is about double the speed from my
office.  This old public server is still on 100Mb/sec ethernet since
the firewall is quite slow. 

The only thing that can explain the speed difference from the same PC
is TCP/IP packet size, somehow the ICS application is sending more
smaller packets than some others, and that is probably explained by the
8K buffer size currently used by the HTTP client, although it's
surprising that I get 10 times your speed with the same software,
assuming you are using Windows 10 and ICS V8.27 which you have never

Unless ICS is setting some strange TCP setting, buffer size is the only
thing that can be changed, which I will look at next month, as I've
said before.  That should allow Windows to send larger IP packets,
which should help speed. 

Unless you have a local firewall or proxy that is crippling speeds.


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