I believe I tried the -n and < inputfile method first, and that kept hanging as 
well, So I went with the PERL method; which didn't help either.

I logged into a PC using logmein over the internet, then from that PC I logged 
into UV (on an NT server) using Wintergate and then once logged
In, I did the DOS command to get to dos, and tried to use ftp from there.

The strange part was that the ftp process hung as well, the next day, they 
needed to reboot the UV NT server because Wintergate wouldn't
Let anyone log onto the server as well.

So, there a bunch of potential culprits here....No one mentioned that it as 
asking for a deny/allow on the server either, so I really don't know.
My workaround by having the PC do the ftp and dropping it into a folder that 
the UV server had access to worked, so I never looked into it further.

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Probably so from what you were describing...  I was speaking to the expecting 
input causing it not to close. The ftp client on the version of Windows and 
'nix'es I've used immediately prompt for username and password at the open 
command. The "-n" stops it from doing that, then you can use "user (name) 
(password)"  to login. I've also seen credentials in the hostname, but I'm not 
sure that every ftp client will use that. I've had good results with the "-n" 
and "user" command combination.

>>> George Gallen <ggal...@wyanokegroup.com> 2/16/2012 8:44 AM >>>
I suspect my issue was not this, more related to the server not letting my 
process access the internet.

I also tried to run a perl program that was "compiled" to open an ftp 
connection and download test data,
  And that process hung as well. Which is what made me think the server popped 
up a prompt to allow/deny
  The process from accessing the internet (and of course, no one is at the 
server during the night).

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