On Thu, 16 Feb 2012, Ed Clark wrote:

> If the universe server is on windows XP (or windows 2000/nt or I think 
> windows server 2003) you can use services.msc to allow the universe 
> telnet server service access to the desktop (there's a checkbox in the 
> log in tab). Of course that's only useful if you're a desktop user on 
> the server (remote desktop counts as well). But beginning with windows 
> vista, services are no longer allowed interaction with the user desktop 
> at all
> ...

In Windows 7, in the Services applet, if you select a service, right-click 
select Properties, and go to the Logon tab, there is a checkbox for "Allow 
service to interact with desktop". I am curious whether checking this 
makes any difference in the issues being described here.

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