It was a 32 bit NT server. Also my perl program hung as well. I compiled it 
with perl2exe, so I don't know if the perl module has the same issue.

It would connect, but it hung on the transfer, it was strange.

From: John Jenkins []
Sent: Thursday, February 16, 2012 10:42 AM
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Subject: Re: [U2] Universe's DOS command

If you are on 64-bit Windows or Windows 2008 there are some gotchas that can 
make FTP hang - in part as UniVerse is a 32-bit shell.

The Microsoft FTP client interacts directly with the keyboard buffer, and as a 
result can only be run reliably from a "console" type executable shell - a 
shell which has a "Windows keyboard device". Scripting is possible however 
using batch command files (3rd party FTP clients may not suffer from the same 

I recommend using the "-s" option  such as "ftp -s <script> | servername" with 
a command text file or VBScript to drive FTP with from a text command file - if 
you are using 64-bit Windows make sure that you run the VBScript engine in 
SysWow64 - not the default engine in System32.

Hope this helps.

From: George Gallen <<>>
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Sent: Thursday, 16 February 2012, 15:12
Subject: Re: [U2] Universe's DOS command

I believe I tried the -n and < inputfile method first, and that kept hanging as 
well, So I went with the PERL method; which didn't help either.

I logged into a PC using logmein over the internet, then from that PC I logged 
into UV (on an NT server) using Wintergate and then once logged
In, I did the DOS command to get to dos, and tried to use ftp from there.

The strange part was that the ftp process hung as well, the next day, they 
needed to reboot the UV NT server because Wintergate wouldn't
Let anyone log onto the server as well.

So, there a bunch of potential culprits here....No one mentioned that it as 
asking for a deny/allow on the server either, so I really don't know.
My workaround by having the PC do the ftp and dropping it into a folder that 
the UV server had access to worked, so I never looked into it further.
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