Ummm, if the file doesn't exist then it's *supposed* to take the else
clause, when I'm creating new files I use THEN and put the "abort" in there.

When you borrowed this code did it have all of the validation? I don't have
my error codes handy - but if you let it continue does it let you do the


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Thanks for your reply Kevin.

I can list LRGLBRVARS at TCL.  I put a dummy file inside to prove it.

FNAME does not exist.  In the code I stole this from the name is created
anew each time.  It always open the "file" empty, allows me to populate and
close it.  However, in this code it's not working.

Since we're running SB+/SBClient I thought the '.XLS' extension was causing
issues (grasping at straws) but I'm getting the same errors.

Albert DeWitt, CPIM
Sr. Programmer Analyst

Stylmark, Inc.

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I've never used OPENSEQ on a remote drive like that.  I presume you can LIST
LRGLBRVARS @ TCL without difficulty right?  If so, I would think the OPENSEQ
should work with that just fine.  May I also presume that you looed at FNAME
and a file with that name really does exist in that directory file?

On Mon, Aug 5, 2013 at 7:10 AM, Al DeWitt wrote:

> Please educate me on OPENSEQ.  I have some code that is giving me an 
> error.  The funny thing is that I stole the code from a working program:
>  The code:
> 064: FNAME = 'LLV':FNAME:'.XLS'
> 067:   ERRCD = STATUS()
> 068:   GOSUB 900
> 069:   CALL SB.DISP(3,'SFC9667 OPENSEQ Error: ':ERRMSG:' Program is
> aborting.')
> 070:   GO 9999
> 071: END
> If I run it as is ERRCD = 2.  If I comment out 65 and uncomment 66 
> ERRCD = 0.  According to manual 2 means: The file does not exist.  A 0 
> means The record does not exist.
> In my voc file I have an entry for LRGLBRVARS.  It looks like this:
> Top of "LRGLBRVARS" in "VOC", 3 lines, 48 characters.
> 001: DIR
> 002: \\led\fs-styl\Public\LrgLbrVariances
> 003: D_HOLD_
> Bottom.
>  What is OPENSEQ looking for and where does it expect it to find it?
> Thanks.
> Albert DeWitt, CPIM 

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