Wow, seen a lot of that and managers trying to get friends hired to create a perfect office society.

quit hiring backstabbing chaff
with their own agendas.

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Susan, yes.  I've been very open in my interviews, and it's netted
significantly regrettable results.  So this time I'm going for people who
can get behind and contribute to the common cause as soon after hire as
possible.  I don't have any aspirations of hiring for life, though I
certainly do endeavor to have that kind of an environment for a person who
wants that sort of thing.  I just need to quit hiring backstabbing chaff
with their own agendas.

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Not that I have any real experience - at least not for what seems like a
lifetime - with hiring. But my instinct might be to let the applicant tell
me whatever they want.  You know, just an open ended "Tell me what you
like me to know about your skills, your ambitions and your work ethic."
Probably that's an approach you've already tried.


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Interviewer: What is one of your weak points?

Applicant: My honesty.

Interviewer: I would have thought that was a strong point.

Applicant: I don't give a %^&* what you think you stupid ^&^%$

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