We have run UniVerse on Linux for years (actually about 10 years, originally
using the SCO emulation package for Linux).

If you know your way around Linux, and if it is UNIX-y enough for you, we
have always found it to be solid.


Brian Leach 

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We bought the year-end UV amnesty upgrade from IBM.  Because of an existing
ERP license agreement, we need to stay with "Unix".

While I would prefer to stay with HP-Ux, pricing for a new HP-Ux server
seems to be approaching $10,000.  Right now, I am not sure if it makes any
sense to upgrade hardware in our HP-9000-E45 box.

We would rather spend $3k.  Thus, I am considering running SCO on say a Dell
server.  Any comments on running UV on SCO ?

Perhaps there is another "Unix" besides SCO...

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