Are they going to have to support the application and provide upgrades after the 
migration?  And do or assist with the migration?  The unique variations can be 
bothersome if they make extensive use of O/S utilities and functions.

If you're totally self-sufficient and this is just a paperwork thing, and they don't 
use "Unix" in the sense of a trademarked product name, you may be in the catbird seat. 
 However, I'm no lawyer (thought I've done one or two other things in my life I'm not 
terribly proud of <grin>).


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They just want us to pay them American dollars.  They messed up on the
licensing agreement.  They re-wrote the agreement to cover our existing
situation and merely specifed "Unix".

Right now, they regret the way they wrote this license agreement.

They want customers to pay for a platform migration from anything to
anything else.

While I offered them $1k for a single sheet of paper, they want more like


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