At 04:34 AM 12/02/2004, Brutzman, Bill wrote:

We bought the year-end UV amnesty upgrade from IBM.  Because of an existing
ERP license agreement, we need to stay with "Unix".

I believe i read recently you can now transfer U2 between platforms without paying the 15% transfer fee(Yay!). So the transfer fee is just for your ERP vendor only?

While I would prefer to stay with HP-Ux, pricing for a new HP-Ux server
seems to be approaching $10,000.  Right now, I am not sure if it makes any
sense to upgrade hardware in our HP-9000-E45 box.

Yikes! an E45 goes a way back:

processor < 100mhz, roughly equivalent to a mid range pentium.

We would rather spend $3k.  Thus, I am considering running SCO on say a Dell
server.  Any comments on running UV on SCO ?

I would say you could easily spend a large part of the $7000 in savings transferring to another platform with various porting issues that always seem to come up.

Perhaps there is another "Unix" besides SCO...

Solaris x86 in linux compatibility mode if you are desperate ;-)

This is what i would try in order:
1) Talk to ERP sales rep to get them to clarify unix as including linux(maybe offer a separate payment for this service).
1a) If above does not work complain to sales rep boss + all of your management about situation.
2) 2nd hand hpux server ie on ebay today( rp5400 dual 440mhz 2.5G ram 72G hd for $3750)
3) Reconditioned solaris or ibm
4) Linux
5) Windows
6) Update resume and quit
7) Consider SCO

If using a reconditioned unit might also need to spend some getting it back under maintenance.

- Robert

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