They just want us to pay them American dollars.  They messed up on the
licensing agreement.  They re-wrote the agreement to cover our existing
situation and merely specifed "Unix".

Right now, they regret the way they wrote this license agreement.

They want customers to pay for a platform migration from anything to
anything else.

While I offered them $1k for a single sheet of paper, they want more like


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I guess what I'm saying is that HP-UX is a "flavor" of Unix.  If they don't
have a problem with you moving from HP-UX to SCO, they shouldn't have one if
you choose AIX or Redhat or SuSE instead.  I wonder if the restriction is
there to cover them if you chose to move to Windows?


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Maybe they should have...but they did not.  

It looks like "...will provide a non-exclusive license for the licensee to
use the following Application Software and Documentation at fees shown below
on one 
_____ Unix _____ Computer to be located only at Licensee's Installation
Address, under the Terms and Conditions shown on the reverse."


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