I haven't looked at Eclipse for a while (don't tell Dawn I know how to spell cofe :-) 
Maybe I should revisit to see if there are any nice "things" that we should 
incorporate into Viságe (which is already a cool development environment for U2)

At one stage we had a nice schema generator that plugged into Rose, so maybe we could 
look at the UML side of things again, but I fear this would be dead R&D, because I 
don't think too many "pick" shops are likely to get that formal (which of itself is 
perhaps a shame, but I can understand the economic drivers)

Ross Ferris
Stamina Software
Visage - an Evolution in Software Development

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>> Is your interest more in "Web Services", or "Eclipse/Java" ?
>Hi Ross,
>I'm interested in all of the above but in the case of Eclipse, just the
>It's very cool, have you seen it? It should be simple to create a plug-in
>for it for U2.
>For those who aren't familiar with Eclipse (, it's a
>development framework (IDE) "for nothing in particular". That is, it is
>adaptable to a range of different development tools, like an open source
>version of Visual Studio (but, as it's users say, much better).
>It was originally written by IBM and donated to the open source community.
>You can create "plug-ins" for it for whichever particular languages or
>you work with, the tools should then integrate. Obviously alot of work has
>been done using it in the Java & WebSphere Studio realm but Eclipse
>shouldn't be confused with just those tools. One should, in theory, be able
>to use it to create MV schemas, workflows etc and then generate the
>& code from it or reverse engineer existing MV DBs... maybe.
>So, as for using Eclipse to create web services or stuff with Java,
>or WebSphere, that's a possibility but at this stage I'm just interested in
>it as a potentially very cool development platform for U2.
>I'm interested to hear from anyone who has experience with Eclipse and
>views on its aplicability to the U2 environment.
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