- Flame, flame, flame ! 


UML could be a useful tool for us all - if it were capable of representing
MV constructs.
And if they dropped those 'actors' for the Use Case phase - am I the only
person who finds that notation irritating? It looks pre-schoolish - and
anyway a system event is not a person. (You can shout at it and it rarely
shouts back). 

Pity - it would be nice to have a formal way of defining MV systems that the
rest of the world could recognize.
In fact, it would be nice to have a formal way of defining MV systems -

I know there are products that do it (including our own!) but I want a
method, not a product. Then certain sectors might take us more seriously.

Brian "Not so Rational this morning" Leach

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> Ross,
>     [Warning: Let the flames begin]  I don't see UML as a 
> step that has value. There are many ways to shape a project 
> that reflect practical considerations. My experience of UML 
> is that it is a method for separating projects from common 
> sense and practical results.
>     - Charles "Rational Rationale" Barouch
> Ross Ferris wrote:

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