On 04/07/2011 06:38 PM, Rick Spencer wrote:
> Hello all,
> Back at UDS for 11.04 in Orlando, Mark set the goal of using Unity by
> default on the Ubutu desktop. Given the current course of development,
> it appears that we are going to achieve this goal, and Unity will stay
> the default for 11.04.

Please reconsider. Despite the gush of greatness posts, I'd like to post
a usability comment as a user.

For example (the same applies to most applications):

I open SeaMonkey in G2 and keep multiple mail/news/browser windows open,

[click to enlarge & scroll to the bottom]

I can easily click on any of those, or use Alt-Tab to change.

In Unity if I attempt to do the same, I have to use the SeaMonkey menu
to select the window. I can of course use Alt-Tab, but afterwards I have
no immediate idea about which/how many windows I actually have open.

[again, click to enlarge]

The inability to have that bar with windows that I can use is, for me, a
complete show stopper. Also, note that the lack of a top tool bar where
I can dock an application for monitoring cpu, temps, etc., with a single
glance is as well. Not to mention being able to launch an docked
application with out losing focus on the application that I am currently
using. For example; if I want to launch LibreOffice while viewing a
SeaMonkey (or Firefux page) in Unity, I first must move the mouse to the
upper left corner, let it hover for a second or two, figure out if I
actually have LO 'docked' as I can't see otherwise, and if so then click
it. On G2, I see that it's there move the mouse & click.
Note: I can also hide/unhide my G2 panels with a single click as well,
so I already have the option to maximize viewable real estate.

How do you propose to resolve that simple work environment example? Do
you think that users will accept using Alt-Tab to go from one window to
another (mail/browser)? How would one keep a System Monitor going to
monitor cpu/temps, printer status, etc?

I have tried Unity (and continue to try Unity) and find that it is a DE
that reminds me of an ipodTouch without the being able to use a touch
screen or lacking fingers. The insessant screen space to advertise
available application downloads (Apps Available for Download) is
unnecessary and irritating (particularly when you can't even easily find
your regular G2 installed application), and overall lack of usability
is, again IMO, unacceptable.

As a longtime Ubuntu user, I highly recommend that Unity *not* be the
default, and instead be an alternate to the standard G2 DE. Unity is an
'experimental' DE at best and should not be forces on 11.04 users as a
default anything.

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