On 04/08/2011 03:38 AM, Rick Spencer wrote:

> Representing the desktop team, Jason Warner believes that Unity will
> deliver the superior experience for most users in 11.04. I agree with
> this position and support staying the course.

When I look at the current state, I find that statement hard to agree.

For me, Unity is not working at all. Even the most common apps like
Firefox and Thunderbird don't open (they show what used to be the window
title menu, but no main GUI appears).

There are situations in which I cannot access the launcher panel (only
half of it appears and it is not clickable).

Sometimes apps seem to appear minimized to only a thin line.

Currently I've given up on Unity and reverted to Gnome classic (without

(This is all on a Lenovo T410s, Intel graphics)



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