Martin Pitt schreef op vr 08-04-2011 om 08:52 [+0200]:
> Rick Spencer [2011-04-07 18:38 -0700]:
> > 1. There are key feature regressions, for example, there is no systray
> > support for many important applications.
> For the record, this is currently purely a design decision, not a
> technical problem. Unity does have a systray, but most applications
> are not allowed to use it. The current exception list is AFAIR Java
> applications, Skype, and Mumble.
> If this is a major issue, then frankly I'd rather just remove the
> whitelist and allow all old-style systray applications than dropping
> Unity by default completely. 

One problem is that there is no easy-to-use or easy-to-find way for the
user to review and whitelist (or blacklist) the applications that are
trying to use the old-style notification area, so "whitelist all" is the
only way not to break people's favourite applications...

BTW: I've already seen developers who include code in their application
to whitelist itself.  One reason is that currently AppIndicators lack
many features that they need (or want to use).  Some applications that
*have* an AppIndicator in Ubuntu have also lost usability & features
that users depended on (e.g. Tomboy).

Jan Claeys

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