On 2011-04-08 08:52, Martin Pitt wrote:
> Rick Spencer [2011-04-07 18:38 -0700]:
>> 1. There are key feature regressions, for example, there is no systray
>> support for many important applications.
> ...
> If this is a major issue, then frankly I'd rather just remove the
> whitelist and allow all old-style systray applications than dropping
> Unity by default completely.

Totally unaware of the preceding considerations, I'm a little puzzled by
this discussion. Based on what I have read in this thread, I'd vote for
dropping the whitelist whether the issue is major or not. Personally I
have noticed that mail-notification is broken in Unity, which is enough
of a reason for me to keep using Classic for now when not needing Unity
for developing tests.

If the feature can be provided, without a price in the form of e.g.
extra maintenance time, is there a good reason for disabling it? Closing
the door prematurely on the users and developers concerned seems not
right to me.

Gunnar Hjalmarsson

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