>       • In the UK, government policy is to fund 100% of the reasonable costs 
> incurred by CSPs in complying with communications data retention notices. 
> This means that CSPs are not financially disadvantaged by compliance and are 
> not incentivised to pursue lowest cost solutions. This arrangement enables 
> the Secretary of State to achieve an appropriate balance between operational 
> benefits and the cost of CSP compliance solutions
> I can hear the sound of jaws dropping in the home office when the quote for 
> this work lands. Queue a quick back track on this policy

It is also an interesting thought experiment — because the original question 
was about small providers — to wonder what this means for the small rural 
providers that may not even have any paid staff. Supposing that they manage to 
collect this data, how are they going to safeguard it? In some cases I could 
see the costs of doing that being greater than their entire budgets today. 
(Completely aside from any moral or ethical issues that arise from collecting 
data about the browsing habits of your neighbours in the village).

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