Aled, I am not aware of such a guide, but because I have to do with numerous 
(very) small providers, I have been fielding questions about just this. We are 
looking at putting together such a guide with help from people specialising in 
internet law at the law school. We would welcome help from others, particularly 
if they have a legal background.


P.S. I do not, from reading the drafts as the act itself has not been 
published, believe that there is any obligation to store anything unless you 
have received a retention order, but IANAL

> Le 30 nov. 2016 à 15:40, Aled Morris <> a écrit :
> Hello all,
> Does anyone know of a guide to the new Investigatory Powers Act that lays out 
> what exactly a communications provider (specifically, a small ISP) needs to 
> do?
> Ideally a guide which spells out which fields of which packets correspond to 
> the "Internet Connection Record" the government would like me to store for 12 
> months and what kind of searches they expect to be able to run across this 
> data (i.e. do they expect an SQL interface or grep for a string?)
> Aled

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