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> There are no power savings features enabled or used in pCP.     Where is
> your music stored, if the music is stored on a NAS, it is entirely
> possible that the NAS is going to sleep, causing the pi to wait.

Yes, music is on a Synology DS1817+ but I don't think that's it.
Have several other devices pointed to the same NAS have no delay.
Also if I have streaming radio live the system stays responsive.

With that being said I will check the NAS 
I do have a fairly large collection of music- 2.7tb with 87,923 tacks
that LMS can ID.

Would the Governor settings -conservative ondemand userspace powersave
performance-be relevant to what I'm seeing?
I've tried to set it to performance but it looks to default back to

Thanks for the prompt reply and for an excellent project!

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