Adrian D wrote: 
> Hi,
> Is it possible to remove or reset mounted NAS drives previously added to
> piCorePlayer?
> I recently moved my LMS  server from my Synology DS212+ NAS to a Pi 3
> with PiCorePlayer as my NAS was not compatible with the Spotty plug in. 
> I initially trialed the set up on an old Pi B+ and it worked fine, so I
> just switched the SD card to the Pi3.  However, despite using the same
> NAS share-folder setting, I could not get it to access my music folders
> on the NAS (all the other apps - Spotty, BBC iplayer etc. worked fine. 
> In the end I had to start the whole installation process again.
> I'm asking as to get it working I had to use my 'admin' account for the
> NAS, but I'd rather in the future use a specific account that can access
> just my music folder.  I don't want to have to go through the whole
> installation process again, so before I start messing I'd like to close
> the SD card and use the copy to fiddle with in case the problem
> reoccurs.  
> Thanks.

Is it NFS?
If so then the IP of the Pi3 probably needs to be declared in the NAS
unless you are using the same IP as the original Pi

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